• Better Doctor

    BetterDoctor offers easy to use web and mobile apps that let you find the right doctor in minutes. Select what kind of doctor you are looking for, pick your insurance plan and see a list of verified better doctors near you.

  • EcoHabitude

    Ecohabitude is a peer-to-peer marketplace designed to bring the accessibility of socially conscious apparel, accessories, beauty products, housewares, and other ethically created products directly to consumers. They are fulfilling the demand for transparency in products & provide a platform for consumers to easily discover & connect directly with makers of high quality, ethical brands.

  • GoodMD

    Good MD is a new direct primary care practice based in Rochester, NY. At GoodMD, Thuc Huynh MD offers affordable and accessible primary care through a patient membership model. She aims to treat her patients like family because she believe your relationship with your doctor matters.

  • Griffin Concierge Medical

    Griffin Concierge Medical is a membership-based, primary-care practice in South Tampa, Florida. They are committed to offering high-quality, sensible medical care and exceptional customer service.

  • Keona Health

    Keona Health’s Online Triage allows patients to get care advice anytime, anywhere over web or mobile devices. It improves patient engagement online and nurses can respond to patients 50% faster than telephone triage.

  • Medlert

    Medlert Inc. is a San Francisco-based, software start-up that builds mobile and web, cloud-based solutions for the healthcare ecosystem, including the EMS industry. The Medlert Connect platform offers healthcare providers a seamless way to order ambulance transport and simplifies payment and paperwork. Medlert Connect is available for desktop, iOS, and Android.

  • Medlio

    Medlio is a secure, virtual health insurance card that provides cost transparency for patients and providers. The smartphone-based application provides patients with real-time health benefits information, as well as a centralized location for creating, storing, and sharing their medical data. It also offers providers a web-based application to accurately estimate the cost of patient encounters before they occur, so patient-responsible balances can be collected on the front end, prior to service.

  • Paired Health

    Paired Heath is a North Carolina-based software company that aims to improve outcomes for challenging, high-risk patients by helping hospitals extend clinical care into the community and to the home. Paired Heath builds care logistics software and services for health systems.

  • TechurSelf

    Tech urSelf develops fun and easy-to-use technological tools to help people live a happier, healthier life. Their tools help people understand themselves better and improve their lives and are developed from the latest in scientific theory, research, and methodology.

  • WeRx

    WeRx is web and mobile-based crowdsourcing platform to allow consumers to find the lowest price on their prescription medications at local pharmacies. The platform can save anyone money but the heart of this venture is to help the people who need it most.

  • World Health Partners

    World Health Partners (WHP) is an international nonprofit organization that provides healthcare services in low-income countries by harnessing local market forces to work for the poor. By leveraging existing social and economic infrastructure, WHP utilizes the latest advances in communication, diagnostic, and medical technology to establish large scale, cost-effective health service networks. The WHP networks aim to bring affordable health care services to some of the most vulnerable and difficult to reach communities with an approach that is efficient, effective.